SAPHIRE AG is a SWISS company and was founded by Michael Tobler, former Chief Sales Officer of one of the leading outdoor companies in the world to combine his passion with his profession by launching a new concept of leisure sailboats in the market. SAPHIRE AG was founded in spring 2012 to realize this unique concept of the SAPHIRE boats and to enable more people to have access to the sailing sport. SAPHIRE AG operates directly in the market without any intermediate dealers and wants to have a direct contact with the consumers. The boat’s concept is so simple, that no professional help is needed to set it up and to sail – simple & easy.


SAPHIRE wants to become the worldwide leader in the area of sporty leisure sailboats of its size. The brand should be recognized as the most desirable brand in the leisure sailboat industry for families with fun and racing ambitions. The products shall fulfil the contemporary attitude of modern lifestyle of today’s hybrid consumer who wants to bring family and sports together without spending all the money for this purpose only. SAPHIRE shall build a class association to become the largest one design class of its size worldwide to offer long lifecycles and high value after many years. Boat shows and direct to consumer sales over the web shall enable the best price-performance ratio for the consumer. The web is a state of the art product within the leisure boating industry.